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Mower deck dropping

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    Mower deck dropping

    I have a 3165 that while mowing the mower deck keeps lowering.should also point out that I see no leaks anywhere. It takes a minute or two but this gets annoying if you forget to check the deck height while in use. Does anyone know the fix for this? I should also point out
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    First of all, the tractor has a height adjust that you should be able to set. Then you can simply lower the deck to the desired height and not worry about it falling farther.

    The problem is either in the hydraulic deck cylinder, or the valve itself. The valve may not be properly centering, allowing the deck to lower. Simply lubricating the linkage and possibly even the valve spool may fix the problem. If that does not correct it, the cylinder may need rebuilt, or the valve replaced. The only way to test is to install a ball valve between the hydraulic spool and the cylinder. Raise the deck all the way and shut the valve. If it hold, the spool is the problem. If it falls, the cylinder is wore out. Most commonly it is the cylinder. A hydraulic shop can rebuild it, but it's probably cheaper to buy a used or even new one. I believe that model has a welded cylinder.
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      The tip for the ball valve sounds great to isolate the problem. Yes, the hydraulic height adjustment works fine. I normally cut the grass in between 3 and 4 for the adjustable height. It slowly weeps down to lower than 3 before I catch it while mowing. Good thing I have the service and parts manual for this. Working with hydraulics is very new to me. I am sure I will figure it out. Thank you so much for the reply and welcome! I am sure I will spend many hours going thru the threads here!