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44a mower deck question.

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    44a mower deck question.

    I have been looking at this 44a mower deck for a while now. Is it possible to make this fit my 127? I have read there are some things you can do, and maybe change the pulley? It looks like it’s in good shape and I would love if I could make it work.
    Heres the description-

    “Has been in storage (a dry shed) for 20 years. In excellent condition. 3 blades. When I last used it for about 2 years, it cut very well. I had it on a Cub 149”

    Heres the link, although it won’t last forever.
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    Not a direct fit as you need a mule drive with tilted pulleys, which I don't believe was made for the NFs. You could probably rig one up, but I'd be looking for a 48 inch triangular deck if I were you.


      Actually yes. With the correct subframe you can put the 44A on a 127.

      In the CPE-2 parts book, it lists the 61613-C92 adapter package to run the 44A deck on tractors SN# 65458-400,000. That range would include all NF tractors with exception of the Cub Cadet Original.

      Basically, you just need the correct narrow frame QA on front, and the correct lower subframe.

      sawdustdad Frank, I believe that you have the subframe he would need. I think that is the one that you had on one of your wide frames that didn't work. I remember you asking a question similar to this on the other forum. Took a while, but we got to the bottom of it.

      Yes, Dewdrop, with the proper subframe, it will work.
      Oblong, Illinois

      Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

      I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!