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    Brinly planter

    Something else I was super excited to pick up over the holidays! A really nice planter! You can tell somebody cared about it.. It was stored away clean and oiled. The chain and plate drive are submerged in oil in the plastic bucket.. Not a dent or ding in either hopper. Whoever put it away in the shed many years ago wanted to make sure it was ready to go the next spring.. and sadly that next spring never came for him.

    I don't know a whole lot about these. dad says the planter hopper and fertilizer distributor are for sure Cole.. his miniature Cole plates fit it.. Most of the Brinly branded planters i've seen are painted.. these are galvanized. I"m guessing they are earlier? Any insight or info appreciated..

    Not sure i'll ever use it.. we still use Dad's every year.. But it sure is a nice display piece! planter 1.jpgplanter 2.jpg

    Hot damn Jay, you should pass that horse shoe on to someone else for a bit.
    That thing is in great condition, man, nice find. Congrats!!!!
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      Jay, you're just landing deals left and right! Congrats bud! The planter looks to be in good shape!

      I can't help you much on the year of it, but I would say it is an early one. I have a Brinly/Cole planter, but it is a late style with a totally different furrow opener system. It uses a foot plate and a different furrow opener style. The older ones used a shovel, like yours does. I do believe that the original seed boxes were painted, but they may also have been painted galvanized. I have seen both. Do not know which came first, or maybe if the galvanized boxes were a replacement, or what.

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        Very nice Jay! Do you have any pics of what the seed plates look like?


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          I got one plate with it.. Dad has a planter that he adapted to a sears that uses the same mini COLE plates.. I'll try to get pics

        Originally posted by zippy1 View Post
        Hot damn Jay, you should pass that horse shoe on to someone else for a bit.
        That thing is in great condition, man, nice find. Congrats!!!!
        Hey Jay, what he said, you are on a role, I drove over 500 miles over the last week down to Ohio with my eyes peeled to either side the whole time looking for something to brag about and nothing, guess I'll just watch you till something comes along, nice score!
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          Man that’s awesome! Any videos of your dads in use?