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    106 is moving forward...

    ...because the brakes don't work!!

    Hoping you guys can help me out, I'm a little baffled. After taking apart the pads on my 106 amd comparing them to the new 3/16 lining I just bought from McMaster-Carr, I'm thinking I might have another problem!

    This machine hasn't had brakes the whole time I've owned it. Last year, I adjusted the linkage all the way to the end of the threads. Everything seems to be moving freely as designed, and it looks like these pads haven't touched the rotors since around 1972.

    I'm going to take the adjustment apart, add some shims, and put her back together if you fine folks think that's a good idea.

    The new market garden is on a pretty steep hill, stopping is going to be important. 20200228_102559.jpg20200228_102509.jpg20200228_102524.jpg20200228_102407.jpg

    Update - After consulting the manual, I found that the previous owner put the calipers on upside down.

    I sandblasted the slides, lubed everything up with Sil-Glide, and put it back together correctly.

    I put a set of plastic Craftsman 55lb wheel weights on, replaced the leaky carb gasket that's been causing a surge, and sent it! Now we wait for the weather to break.


      Never thought about it but for sure the calipers reversed wouldn't work too well! Glad you figured it out..