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    Question for Jon

    Totally unrelated to Cub stuff, but some of you might find the question and hopefully the following discussion interesting. Jon, have you ever taken the release bearing off of a 15 1/2" Spicer HD clutch to change out the bearing? I've got a used clutch clutch pack that is so low in mileage you can still see the wording "flywheel side" printed on the facing, but the cover on the release bearing has rusted badly from being stored sitting in contact with an old concrete floor. I'd like to change the throw-out bearing assembly with a decent used one I have on another junk pressure plate so I can salvage this $750 clutch pack. Just a note to the rest of the guys - this pressure plate, the two discs and the intermediate plate weigh in at a petite 162 pounds! oh, and the flywheel weighs another 140 ! Not exactly Cub stuff!
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    I don't recall ever changing one on a Spicer clutch, but that one looks just like the one of the 4586 I redid last year. It was a 15" or a 15.5" clutch, and a rare bird.
    you should be able to get the bearing off, but you will have to put it in a press to simulate installation to get the bearing free. There is a snap ring on the inside that hold it on. The guide bushing for the bearing is installed through the rear of the bearing. It has on flange on the rear side, snap ring on the front. A true clutch table has a large hole in the center, and you bolt the pp down on it and can access the center. On that style the bearing holds the pp together.

    Hopefully that helps. I've had clutches apart before, just not that one. Should be the same though.
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    Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

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      Thanks Jon. I figured it would have to be in a press to put it into release mode. I finally found an exploded view of a similar clutch and can see the snap ring in question. Will let you know how it turns out!