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    Garden Seeds/Starts

    Just curious where or how everyone gets their garden started. Do you buy seeds and start your own plants? Or do you buy plants already started? Where do you buy your seeds or “starts”-mom and pop shop or big box? Or do you start or plant stuff from your plot last year? Just a curiosity thing! I’m kind of a mix. Seeds usually come from a mom and pop place i try to support (also a hardware store). My seed potatoes usually come from a local Amish greenhouse-Only because they carry Kennebec and Red Pontiac spuds. I never kept any seeds from anything to start the following spring, although my great grandmother always did with her tomatoes.
    If it ever stops raining, maybe I could plant something! This sucks!

    We "used" to start a great deal of our plants from seed, in the house.
    But as the years got along, anything we plant now comes from a local flower shop/green house. They do all the hard work. Actually, for what they charge, isn't worth the trouble to grow a plant from seed. We've also cut WAY back, and by that, I mean we just plant a few tomato plants, that's it.
    No matter what, I've got to have my home growed tomatoes. The one's from the stores, or green house, just ain't as good.
    They can't all be turn key.
    Make the best of each and every day.
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      Home grown tomatoes are the best! You’re right. Nothing like them!

    We do a mix. I usually try and she'll out green beans and corn to replant, but if I miss it we buy from a locally owned greenhouse. We buy starts at the same place for anything else like tomatoes, peppers and whatever else. Potatoes, if we plant them, are just bought at the store and let sit to sprout. Actually the few times we did that it worked well. Because of recent events, I think we are going to add more to the garden this year. It's still early, don't worry about not getting anything out yet.

    I'd like to build a greenhouse and start all my own stuff.
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      I built a big seed table in my basement. The waterproof rope lights are laid out in a grid on a piece of vinyl roofing keep the soil in the trays at around 75-80 degrees, the grow lights are cheap LED shop lights. When the true leaves show up, they go outside to my 10x12 greenhouse, and we plant another flat to fill the space.

      I built a soil sanitizer out of an old laundry steamer that we never used, a scrap of copper pipe, and a rubbermaid tub, and we make our own potting mix from peat moss, vermiculite, and our own screened compost. The sanitizer keeps weeds, mold, and disease away.

      As for the seed, a lot are heirlooms, either my own, a friend's, or they come from a local seed swap. Seems like there's always something coming from big-box Livingston, Ferry-Morse, or Burpee. I do grow some rare seed super hot peppers for a local restaurant's wing sauce, and I've bought seeds for those online from as far away as Italy.

      I buy cells and flats from an online greenhouse supply company. With a home operation my size, I will never do it any other way, especially since we're up to 3 leased garden plots and still growing.

      Whatever doesn't get planted in the garden plots will get a popsicle stick price tag and the better half will sell them at the local flea market with a couple bottles of wine and another gardener friend. The more they drink, the higher the discount. 20200321_211203.jpg
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        I've picked up a lot of my seeds from Menards, Big R, Home Depot, Ace, and Farm & Fleet. I just started doing my own from seeds last year, with limited results. This year I've got a bunch of different peppers and marigolds going so far. My Habaneros aren't starting well, and neither are my vanilla marigolds. Those marigolds are pissing me off actually, they (seed packet) were straight from Burpee and expensive.
        2 of my Uncles' have garden centers. I've gotten most of my starter plants from one of them. I actually stopped there this afternoon to look at one of his vehicles, and his stuff is really going well. I'm sure I'll pick up some plants in May from him when it gets closer to planting date. He's concerned about the state stay-at-home order right now, although he says his regular customers will come in anyway.
        Planning on starting some Cucumbers later this week, I know I have 2 varieties picked out.
        I've got a number of packets, Burpee, Livingston, Ferry-Morse, Sandia Seed & Northrup King. My biggest concern right now is finding a good grow light. I picked up 4 F-M lights in Feb from Big R when they had a storewide sale and picked them up cheap, but now they are sold out.

        Quick edit: Stuff I don't use I give away, my neighbors, in laws, and Mom take some of the extras.

        2nd edit: Jon pinned a garden thread for us last year. Maybe when we get closer to planting time he can pin one for us for this season.
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          More pics inside my greenhouse. I've got a little brooder cage in there. We have a smaller rabbit/bird cage downstairs by the seed table for chicks, too. We move them to the greenhouse when they don't need a heater anymore. This allows us to feed and water the chicks when we water the plants and saves a few steps. 20200331_082050.jpg20200331_082121.jpg
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            I start a few things, but buy most already started. I just get the seeds wherever I see them, usually Lowe’s. The plants come from a local greenhouse. I didn’t start anything yet this year, but I still have some time.
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