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Let's see those Cub sheds!!

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    Let's see those Cub sheds!!

    So my plan to build a scaled down farm style equipment shed for the garden tractors on our scaled down farm has been foiled somewhat by the addition of the newest member of our tractor family, our 1940 Farmall A, which is becoming affectionately known by us as "The £¿<@in' A."

    I need some inspiration from ya. We need to get at least 3 GT's, 2 Snapper riders, an obligatory pile of attachments, a wood chipper, some garden tools, and about 24 square bales under cover, in a space that's not quite big enough for all of them as it is. Now, we need to fit a Farmall A in there, too. My plan for a "Lean To" style equipment shed with a 6 foot ceiling with hay and some attachments on the floor in the back isn't gonna work anymore.

    Show us what ya got! Inspire me!

    All I can say is build it as big as you can afford, land wise and money wise, I added 4ft onto mine the day I ordered it and wish it was 12ft bigger now. Go as big as you can, you will never say "why the heck did I make this thing so big", just my opinion.
    Beulah, Michigan