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OMG! I think they are trying to put the screws to me!!

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    OMG! I think they are trying to put the screws to me!!

    My 76. 1200 is sick. It needs a clutch and the carb redone. I called the local IH place for an estimate.
    Here is the OMG part.
    $200 for parts and 5-6 hrs labor @ 100.00/ HR.
    I can't believe that it takes that long for a clutch job. Any recommendations???

    Well, I doubt the IH dealer has any idea what to quote. I think the parts are low. Labor is actually probably pretty close. A lot of clutch parts for the 1200 are usually broken, and are NLA. You're better off converting to solid mounts and putting an older style clutch driver on it.

    Your choices are:
    -Find another shop
    -Do it yourself
    -Sell the 1200 and go buy a new mower.

    If you decide to sell it and buy a new one, I think you'll find you can't replace it for the cost of the repairs at the IH dealer.
    Oblong, Illinois

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