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Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all can gather with family and friends you hold dear.

    Thank you all for helping make this forum a great place! Not only is it a great place for information, but you all are a great group of men and women who I enjoy not only sharing a hobby, but for the friendships that have been formed along the way. God bless you all!
    Oblong, Illinois

    Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

    I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!

    hope all Turkey Days were good and Christmas is too. Cmon guys spend some time here, check in, let us know how yours went, and what else may be goin on.
    Kankakee IL


      Thanksgiving is always quiet, the wife usually has to work, we tried to do Christmas last weekend with our Son and family, then my Mom but 2 days before found out everyone was sick with either some flu or bad head cold.

      Not before I had already started the process of smoking a couple of chickens, not something you can stop and put on hold, the guys at work got the smoked chicken and smoked mac n cheese dinner, they didn't complain.

      Not sure what the plan B Christmas is going to be, everything just keeps getting so complicated with different kids going different directions, schedules, gets harder every year.

      Hope Y'all have a great Holidays! when ever you can get them together.
      Beulah, Michigan