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I'm needing a new set of tires for the 2072

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    I'm needing a new set of tires for the 2072

    I found new Carlisle Versa Turf tires on CL priced at $100 each. I would prefer Tru Powers of better yet, 23* Firestones but it looks like the cheapest I could find the Tru Powers is $275 shipped for 2. Has anyone used the Versa Turfs yet? This is for a 2072 mainly used for plowing and cat 0 tiller use.

    Here is the CL link.

    Lance has a set on a 935 JD front mount mower and loves them!
    I haven’t bought a set for anything yet, but intend to. Honestly Todd, the Carlisle looks nearly identical to the Goodyear R14’s, and both are radial tires remember. My new BX has the R14’ and I bought a second set to make duals. I love them! I’d buy either tire for a Cub in a heartbeat. I’d like throw the R14’s on a Cub just to play, but the dish offset is wrong. Guess I could use my dual spacers for 6-12 tires just to test them. Go buy those Carlisles. You won’t be sorry.
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    I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!


      Offer 80 each if they are still there.... go from there.
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