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Bush 41 Passed

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    Bush 41 Passed

    Last night, George H.W. Bush passed away. Prayers go out to the Bush family. It’s always interesting to see how when people were married as long as he and Barbara were, they pass away really close together. She passed only 8 months ago.

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    Yes just heard about this as well and can relate. My grandparents just passed within 6 months of each other this year. They were married for 72 years.

    Rest is peace GHW Bush.


      Rip H.W.

      One piece at a time...


        Very sad. But, I mean... he was 94!! And not in good health. God Bless George H.W. Bush. God bless his wife too. Barbara was an amazing First Lady!

        He was the first president I remember watching get elected. I remember listening the dad and the other "grown ups" talk about the election. My first introductions to politics.

        On another quick note, Jimmy Carter is still alive, and he and 41 are the same age. Carter is also 94.
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        Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

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          Carter was the 1st that I remember anything about, I was like 9 when he was elected. I only remember the Iran hostage deal that happened towards the end of his term, and that they were suddenly released as soon as Reagan replaced him, and that Carter was a peanut farmer from Georgia that's about it.
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