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    Banner picture

    Anyone else think that our current banner picture at the top of the page is one great photo? A vintage Cub with a Cozy Cab blowing snow on a bitter day is just a cool photo (no pun intended!) Any idea who it is? Thanks Jon!

    Thanks Stan!
    Well, I think it's a great photo! My wife took it. Actually, through the windshield of our van, lol. It's my all time favorite snow pic that we have taken. I was so upset with her that she didn't get out to take it. That is from the winter of 2014. It was the last time we got any "real" snow. It was cold too. You can tell by how the snow is blowing. Not that wet sticky crap. It is my 1811 with a converted Cozy Cab for a QL. I never really got the cab set up like I wanted to, but it works. Took quite a bit of time to make it all work and fit like I wanted. There is a build thread on the old site, I think it was before your time there.

    Here is the original photo, and below a photo of the same machine yesterday after I finished getting it ready to work. Below the windshield, and around the hoods is plexiglass. It doesn't seal up well, but it keeps most of the wind and snow off me. Snow does come through though.... there's another pic of that. Gets on my legs, and I have to keep it brushed off. But nothing like it would without the cab!

    Biggest issue with the cab, is the plexiglass panel below the windshield has to come off (bolted on) and the hood removed to check the oil. I have to take the hood hinge blocks off the grille shell so that the hood can be pulled back and out to get it off. I had originally intended to make a new windshield on a hinge that raises up, and permanent side panels all with rubber seals up to the hood and side panels. Just never got it done. No wonder as busy as I am. Would also really help if I had a shop to work out of again, lol. My home garage is just..... full. Plus, it doesn't have enough electric to run a welder, and no heat.... shitty floor. Just a good cover is all it is.

    Side note: We take tons and tons of pictures of the Cubs, and kids and family. My wife literally keeps thousands of photos. Some day she is going to have to sort them. The biggest issue we have is finding enough digital room to store them all.

    2014-01-06 15.16.19.jpg20190112_143813.jpgIMG_20140105_200231.jpg
    Oblong, Illinois

    Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

    I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!


      Yeah, I knew it was yours Jon. Just by the amount of snow flying. That picture looks awesome.
      Looking at the "tractor" picture, when you gonna put some new decals on that thing? Do we need to start a GoFundMe page for you?
      They can't all be turn key.
      Make the best of each and every day.
      Original's Start to Finish vid.


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        Lol! The decals looked just like that when I bought the tractor in 2001! I'm so used to it, I don't even think about it, lol.

      Very cool Jon! lol Thanks for sharing the back ground on the photo. Just goes to show how great these Cubs are along with all their options and accessories. A versatile machine that, with proper care, has lasted 30 years or more. Try that with a new "lawn queen" from Blowe's or Home Cheapo!


        Nice banner pic J but damn that looks COLD! You northern boys can have that shit. LOL
        New Market, Alabama


          Just need some fine cigar smoke emanating from that cab to be perfect
          Frederick MD

          Gotta kill it before ya can grill it.... TN