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    Glow plug indicator

    Those of us that tinker with the diesel Cubs usually do the glow plug upgrade eliminating the heated wire type indicator as it is basically a resistor in the circuit, then wire the glow plugs to a solenoid to feed direct 12v to the glow plugs. But then what do you use for an indicator lamp? I've come up with a cheap solution. I purchased some 12v pre-wired 10mm diameter orange LED's on Ebay for about $0.58 each. They were $5.85 for 10 LEDs with free shipping (link below) and you can get them in a variety of colors. After removing the glow plug indicator from the dash, I removed the glowing wire element from the inside of the indicator. Next, using black RTV, I glued the LED into the cavity so that the lens of the LED was positioned against the window in the indicator. I ran the red wire to one of the terminal studs on the indicator and the black wire will be grounded with the rest of the dash stuff. When I do the glow plug upgrade, I put both heavy wires from the original indicator circuit onto one stud on the back indicator effectively joining them together so that the circuit can be used to trip the new solenoid and turn on the glow plugs. In this case with the LED, we want the two heavy wires and the LED red wire all on the same terminal. When the glow plug circuit is energized, the LEd will shine brightly! A nice indicator for 58 cents and some RTV. If anyone wants to try this, let me know I'll send you a LED, I got several left!
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    Well heck, that works nice!
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