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Nephew on the 128

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    Nephew on the 128

    Wasn't quite sure where to put this... Jon feel free to move it..

    My 3 year old nephew loves tractors... he tends to really like his yellow and white cubs.. we look at garden tractor magazines all the time and he can spot a Cub Cadet a mile away!

    We planted some potatoes over the weekend.... afterwards Keegan told me he wanted to plow by himself... so i put the tractor in low gear at idle and let him put around the yard on his own.. picture isn't the best because I used my crappy little flip phone.. didn't have a good phone or camera handy.. He was all smiles! Cried when his mama took him home!

    I just had to stay close and make sure he didn't drop the cultivator in my yard!! He also knows what the throttle does and isn't scared to push it wide open! keegan.jpg

    Way to go Uncle Jay.
    Betcha, you're his favorite uncle. The cool one with the tractors.
    They can't all be turn key.
    Make the best of each and every day.
    Original's Start to Finish vid.


      Cool story and pic Jay!

      It's fun to teach kids how to operate a tractor, but if they can't do as instructed (like don't move the throttle unless I tell you) then they have to get off. Not saying that's what was happening with you..... I'm just saying. The old Cubs are just too stout to fool with. They won't just putter out like a new lawn mower will.

      Teach the next generation!
      Oblong, Illinois

      Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

      I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!


        Future Cub owner. Teach em' right, and it's skills they can apply to many other things later in life. Show him how to check the oil and air the tires, wash it in warm weather, simple things. It will help him understand that machines need to be cared for. My granddaughter has been on tractors since about the same age. She's 7 now and has her own 149.