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QA snow thrower chain adjuster save

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    QA snow thrower chain adjuster save

    George had a bearing failure in his QA 36 chain adjuster. A quick search found no affordable replacement units so I told him I'd give it a try.


    The cause of the failure was lack of grease. I'm sure George greased it but since the outer race for the needle bearings had no hole or groove, no way for grease to get into the needle bearings. The only part of the needle bearing that was left was the outer portion which sits in the aluminum casting. The spirol pin had sheared and the outer race had acted like a cutting tool, cutting a step into the end of the sprocket.

    The step goes almost half way into the spirol pin hole.

    It took a LOT of effort with my Famco no 3 press to get it apart. I was able to save the transfer shaft , replaced the sprocket and installed new needle bearings. These bearings have a hole so the grease will actually get into the needle bearings.

    For the big gouge, I took a piece of bearing bronze and made a stepped washer to replace the metal that was gone.

    All ready to put back together



    Nicely done Jeff. The bearings should now live.


      Fantastic work as always Jeff!!

      Oblong, Illinois

      Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

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