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Picked up a Deere

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    Picked up a Deere

    I was selling a cub 2165 I picked up recently. And the buyer mentioned their mower just died on them and they wanted to buy the cub I had listed. Nonetheless ended up buying this (their broken mower) for dirt cheap. I googled a bit and found that it’s more or less a 318 with a 3 cylinder yanmar.

    Starts and runs awesome, owner says it overheats after about 15 mins, and hydro is really jerky and lack of power. Found a pretty sizable leak from a power steering line. So hopefully with a fluid change and sealing things up that will resolve. Then I’ll go through the cooling system and see what is messed up there. 750hrs on the meter (appears to be working)

    I was initially thinking it would just be used for parts to go onto cubs but I’m starting to catch feelings for it. 😁

    Lots to learn, lots of googling in the coming days.

    heres a couple pics, it came with a better seat as well 👍

    Elk River, Minnesota

    Those were good tractors. I'd say you did well with that deal!

    Keep us posted!