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    ECC Rules

    The purpose of this forum is to bring together collectors and enthusiasts of Cub Cadet tractors and equipment, made by both IH (International Harvester) or MTD. That said, it is common for topics to drift and other things to be discussed. I intend for this forum to be loosely moderated, as I have been a member of several forums that hindered opinions and speech that some mod/admin didn't view as "friendly" enough. You and all others are equally entitled to an opinion, and it's OK if someone disagrees. Most of the rules are common sense, or legally based. Make sure to also read any other posted rules in other forum sections, especially the "Trading Post" section of the forum.
    • Please keep posts at a PG or Prime Time TV rating. While I don't mind the occasional 4 letter word, don't overuse them here.
    • I prefer members be at least 18 years of age, but it is impossible to filter members by age. (Too easy to lie.) If you are under that age and it is discovered or even assumed, you may lose your membership. As long as you can conduct yourself on the forum like an adult, you are welcome to stay.
    • Membership here is free and a privilege and may be terminated by the Owner, Admins or Moderators as they see fit.
    • No illegal material or advice will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate termination of membership. So, no porn, illegal solicitation, obscene material, or threatening posts. If you think it might be questionable, it probably is.
    • On the topic of illegal advice, keep in mind we cannot suggest or communicate how to bypass any safety device put in place by the manufacturer. We also do not suggest that these devices are removed ever, for any other reason than for testing or diagnostic purposes. What you do to your machine, is your responsibility.
    • All postings express the view(s) of the author, and neither the Owners, Admins, or Mods will be held responsible of the contents of any posting.
    • All transactions that occur in the Trading Post section are between the buyer and seller. ECC nor it's Owners, Admins or Mods assume any responsibility for the transactions within that (or any) section of the forum. These are transactions between two parties and should be dealt with as such. Use common sense and good judgement before doing any business with anyone as you would with any other personal transaction.
    • Good debates are welcome here, but should be kept to the topic at hand. If discussions waver from the original topic, the Admin team reserves the right to modify, move or delete them as they see fit. If you have a personal disagreement with someone, take it up with them via PM.
    • No whining or complaining to the Admins about other members. I (we) couldn't care less if someone hurt your feelings. We're all adults and I expect everyone to act as such. If you act like a child, expect to be treated like one.
    • The Owners and Admin team reserve the right to move, edit, delete, copy, amend or close and post, topic or thread for any reason they see fit.
    • Treat the Admin team with respect. Remember, they hold the keys to your membership.
    • No multiple accounts will be allowed. If they are discovered, the Owners or Admin team reserve the right to remove one or both accounts as they see fit.
    • The Owners and Admin Team reserve the right to edit, amend or otherwise change the rules without any prior notice.
    • The information in your profile (private info) will not be released to anyone at any time unless lawfully requested by a court document.
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    Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

    I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!