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Stopping by to say hi

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    Stopping by to say hi

    Came to see where JMech went.

    SW PA gardener on a half acre homestead

    106 - Snow Plow, Brinly plow, (governor doesn't govern well, absolutely no brakes, could use taillights)

    149 - 1A tiller w/ one extension and a wobbly gearbox (on the list to upgrade, but it works, seat is trashed)

    Massey Ferguson MF 10 Vari Drive w/ factory sleeve hitch - Brinly cultivator, Frankenstein cart, 10 hp Tecumseh. (Needs an exhaust stack because I want one)

    Snapper Series 6 - 8hp, 28" hi vac deck, bagger, thatcherizer. I have raised beds and a tight yard, can't mow much with a Cub. This little guy makes my compost base and chops cornstalks into silage for chicken feed. The thatcherizer is also nice for finishing garden rows.

    127 and 2166 in the boneyard. Various decks, mule drives, drawbars & stuff lying around too.

    Here I am!!

    Glad to see you again! Glad you're still Cubbin, and have some other stuff too. Hope you like the site! Go poke around and stay a while. Let us know what you've been up to and post some pictures. We even have a small "off-brand" section you can show off your other tractors, and even ask questions if you need to. We're still a small group here, but ever growing. A lot of us have been pretty busy this year but still use our machines. Check out some of Zippy's "refurbish" threads. He's the one making us all look bad, LOL. Several of us have some projects we want to get to this winter, so maybe there will be some more cool build threads. Hope you stick around!

    Post some pics of those tractors!

    Oblong, Illinois

    Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

    I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!


      I've been lurking and reading everything I can find, really enjoying the threads.

      I'm definitely stuck on this cubbing thing, once it bites it's hard to let go. This time last year I bought my first cub for $35, a POS 127 that's been collecting junk in the corner ever since.

      Need to get the grass cut and bagged one last time, pull everything out of the tractor shed (that I didn't have last year), wash them all, and get a group photo.


        Welcome to the site! Glad you’re enjoying the machines you have. Let’s see some pictures of them!

        Cub Cadet, 73, 104, 106, 107, 125, 126, 127, 147 (2), 169, 1050, 1282, 1864


          Welcome aboard! This is a great site (thanks Jon and Lance) and you'll see we have lots of fun joking around and sharing stories, pics, etc. Start a post with some pictures of your fleet. Stan


            Welcome to the site!

            From junior member


              All my junk that runs. Brinly cultivator on the MF10, Brinly plow on the 106, 1A tiller with one extension on the 149

              The Snapper is in the garage waiting for a new drive plate. As a side note, the drive plate is sitting next to a homeless 19.5hp Briggs oppy twin, and I have to pull the engine to change it. Should make for a pretty mean off topic machine.
              You do not have permission to view this gallery.
              This gallery has 2 photos.


                Welcome to the site ! I'm a Southwestern Pa. guy as well !


                  Hey man,
                  Glad to have another member. Welcome.
                  Yeah, as Stan mentioned, we're pretty laid back, and seem to enjoy bull shitting one another, maybe a little to much. Nah, no such thing.
                  You have a good start on your "collection." Before you know it, you'll be adding on here and there to make more room for the "junk." Ask me how I know... new addition 2019 (2).JPG
                  They can't all be turn key.
                  Make the best of each and every day.
                  Original's Start to Finish vid.


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                    I'm already looking at sheds.