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How do you adjust the steering bars on a z-force?

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    How do you adjust the steering bars on a z-force?

    I've been trying to find answers on how to adjust my steering for months, I have a Cub Cadet Z-Force model 17AF3AGV010. I tried adjusting my steering with the bolts on the frame that you either back in or out, that doesn't seen to help, still creeps and still pulls to the right. Last time I needed the steering adjusted the dealership had to pick it up and fix it, they said some nut on the linkage loosened up. I have no idea where this linkage is or where to look, would like to check it or try to adjust it myself instead of sending it to the dealer every time it needs adjusting. Can anyone help?

    Hello Mark!

    I had to do some digging. I have been a mechanic for just over 20 years, and things such as this I usually just fix without ever looking at a manual. I had not done a Z-Force that I could recall, so I had no way to walk you through it. So.... I looked through our Technical information and we did not have a copy of the Z-Force manual, so I went and found one. It is now uploaded to the site. If you go to the main page, find the "Technical and Parts Resources" section. Under the "Chassis Manuals" section there is now a new sub category labeled "Zero Turn Mowers". There you can find the manual that you may download, or simply view, or even print that will walk you through the adjustment procedure. The section on steering neutral zero adjustment can be found starting on page 5. If you still have trouble even with the manual, come back and I or one of the other gents can likely help you out.

    Just to save time, here is a direct link to the post containing the manual.

    Hope this helps!
    Oblong, Illinois

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      Thank you for taking the time to find this manual, the manual that came with my mower shows nothing on adjusting the steering link rod, only lap bar adjustment. I'll have to read it a few times and get to understand on how to do the adjustment, if I have any problems I'll let you know. Will this manual remain on the site if I need it again or should I print it out and save it? Thanks again....