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How would I clean out my carbrators air box?

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    How would I clean out my carbrators air box?

    I have a Cub Cadet Z-Force model number 17AF3AGV010 with a Kohler Courage Pro23 engine. I put my mower away for the winter and removed the air cleaner because I was going to buy a new one. I took the mower out of the shed and I guess with the air cleaner missing it made a nice little spot for a mouse to make a nest in. I removed all the nesting but noticed that some of it had falling into the plastic box the air cleaner sits on, have no idea what it's called. I need to remove it or figure out somehow to remove the nesting that fell in, I believe the carb draws air through this box from the air cleaner and I don't want the nesting being drawn into the carb or engine. Is there an easy way to get this air cleaner box off so I can clean it? Thanks....
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    Well Mark, I would say that you now have learned a valuable lesson the hard way as most good lessons are, lol. You want to leave the air filter on any machine while in storage.

    Yes, the engine does draw air in through the air cleaner, so it all needs to be cleaned out. I certainly hope you didn't start the mower to get it out of the shed. Take the air filter off and there should be at least 2, maybe 3 bolts or nuts that hold the air filter housing on the carb. These may be the same bolts that also mount the carb to the engine. You will need new gaskets for these locations. If any dirt and debris entered into the throat of the carb, it would be a very good idea to remove and clean it as well. So, to answer your question on how to clean it.... take it apart and clean it.
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      Ok I'll look again, I must have missed seeing those bolts on the carb. I'll also pick up a new carb gasket too, thanks...