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Extremely bent Xtreme hitch

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    Extremely bent Xtreme hitch

    High speed did a number! Were gunna build a new 1! 20191128_123700.jpg
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    Whew! They aren't made very heavy are they!
    But I'd be willing to bet 99% of guys who have GT 3pt tractors seldom use them, and if they do, it's not often, or hard. You guys are the 1% ers!
    Oblong, Illinois

    Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

    I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!


      I can say, that the extreme 3pt plate was the only thing that took damage. Nothing to include the hydrulic top link and the R-Bucket took any damage. I think those extreme 3pts are probably ok for some cub guys, but it didn't last with me using it.
      Now I'll just have to wait for Rescue11 to fab up my new heavy duty one. Plus if he gets it completed by Dec 13, he gets a bonus, A set of IH weights .
      work work work, old boy lol
      I can say im glad we are finally doing this, we have talked about for 2 years now.
      So now I have to get to work putting his 1864 back together.


        So I got keith talked into going to 2) 2-1/2" hydraulic cylinders in lieu of the current 2" cylinders. Dont have a whole lot of progress because I am currently waiting on the cnc plas guy to have time for cutting stuff. Has been through about 4 design changes already since starting. Oh well, I'll never be totally satisfied. However, this build will be easily reproduced since most of it will be on a computer program! Yay I guess. Oh... as for the numbers? How about 16" actual lift arm travel with 1,029.92 lbs calculated lift capacity @ 800 psi (stock psi for newer sunstrand hydros), a safe operating range for all sunstrand ported hydro's.

        The old set-up was 750 lbs lift &14" travel @ 800 psi


          To give reference, a super garden tractor will lift 500 lbs @ 12" travel. That meets and is spec for category 0 hitches. Believe the relief is set a bit higher than 800. Good looking hitch tho.

          Very close approximations based on numbers and testing.
          The mtd design found on garden tractors will be around 10" lift travel @ 450 lbs lift at ball ends. 800 psi relief setting.

          The swiss cheese version will lift approximately @ 800 psi relief setting as listed.

          Inner hole = 8" travel @ 599 lbs
          middle (stock) hole = 10" travel @ 449 lbs
          Outer hole = 12" travel @ 359 lbs