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1250 Engine rebuild/repower thoughts.

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    1250 Engine rebuild/repower thoughts.

    Howdy, my old 1250 is gradually consuming more oil, and slowly becoming more smokey. Now it's in great shape with 1100+ hours. This thing gets used like a full size farm tractor, mowing on grades so steep that I sometimes have to use tire chains, and stand on the uphill side to keep the tractor from rolling over.

    Questions. I found a place online that supposedly sells a "repower" kit to a pressurized B-S Vangaurd engine. Honestly I'm not too fond of those engines, but then again I'm biased towards older Kohler and Onan engines.

    When I had an engine mount and oil pan issue a couple of summers ago I found a guy online who I can't quite remember, but he seemed to have a great source of parts and knowledge, and also rebuilt engines for people. If memory serves me correctly he offered a stock rebuild service, along with zipped up engines built for the pulling crowd. It wasn't cheap, but I know nothing good will be. Do you folks have anyone you recommend for a thorough rebuild, or as an alternative repower solutions?

    Thoughts, comments?

    I’m bias toward the K series Koehler. No question it is one of the best small engines ever built. Without hesitation I would rebuild the old one, or buy a rebuilt. I used to build and sell them. May have even been me you talked to in the past. I do not currently do it. I may again someday. Only place I know of offhand you can get a stock rebuilt block is from I don’t suggest the Vanguard repower. Too many things to modify/change.
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