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    No shim

    I’ll make this fast. My uncle bought a case 155 and I’m redoing the k241 for him. Going to have it bored, crank ground, valve seats, etc but upon teardown I found something strange or lack there of.

    I’m no expert but have completely re done almost 10 complete k series engines and all have had a cam shim..........except this one.

    Is this a coincidence or is it just me?

    Mike,, it's been along time.. I used to build 3 or 4 K series a month back in the 80's... I think I remember finding them with no shims.. I'm guessing if the end play is within spec you shouldn't need the shim.. I don't remember the spec at the moment though..


      It's all about end play. Shims are to make up machining differences in the block. Any cast and machined part isn't made to a highly specific tolerance. Anyway... just set the end play to correct spec and that's all that matters. Lots of shims, no shims.... irrelevant. Cam in spec is the goal.
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      Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

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        Thanks guys. Just didn’t know if it may have had a dual purpose as almost a thrust washer as well. Thanks