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    Recent online auction finds

    I went today to pick up 3 more cadets I won at a local collection. First time I've ventured in the online only auction world. I got a 147,169,and 800 below IMG_20210604_134258618_HDR.jpg IMG_20210604_134234918_HDR.jpg IMG_20210604_134241328_HDR.jpg

    The 800 has the rear lift, the 147 has electric lift (unsure if working) and the 169 oddly has manual lift but a ported pump. Anybody else seen this before? IMG_20210604_134330660_HDR.jpg IMG_20210604_134311311_HDR.jpg IMG_20210604_200429866.jpg
    I just had to at least put the hood on it was bothering me 🤣 IMG_20210604_170855534_HDR.jpg


      I pulled the 800 in the new work area I just added on to the tractor shed to look into it first. Didn't take to much to make it run. Everything is there except it has the wrong starter but it works and the didn't hack up the frame. Only thing is the side panel lip on that side doesn't go all the way down. IMG_20210604_171027347.jpg IMG_20210604_170959833.jpg


        Wow Riley!! 3 sought after and rare Cubs all in one sale... and you got all 3! Just curious, do you own a 126?

        All 147's had electric lift from the factory. People sometimes exchanged the e-lift for manual when they wore out or stopped working.

        169's were all supposed to come from the factory with hydraulic lift, but a shortage of some components forced IH to put manual lift on some. All 169's were ready with ported pumps, and dealers were to install hydraulic lift on them as parts became available. Some people just never got theirs added.

        Good deal the 800 runs! Nice it has a sleeve hitch too!

        Looks like they all need some TLC. Keep us updated!
        Oblong, Illinois

        Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

        I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!


          Thank you for the explanation I did not know that about the 169s. Yes I do have a 126 I picked up around Thanksgiving last year, in Paragould Arkansas. I have had a 106 with a 12hp for a few years but I wanted to find the real thing. I'll get some pictures but I picked it up in peices.

          I've been kicking around selling an 800 I got that needs a good bit of work but it too has the rear lift, however it's missing some of the big ticket items.