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Plow vs snowthrower

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    Plow vs snowthrower

    I’d like to know what the consensus is here on the usefulness of a plow versus a snowblower on a 123. I’ve got a 200ft driveway with obstacles on one side but clear lawn areas on the other. The driveway is in ok condition but does have some humps where rocks are coming up through rising about 1.5 inches or so. I currently use a regular walk behind snowblower. What do you guys think?

    Hi Joe, I'm a blower man, for me the only way to go, I am on blacktop, sounds like you are on gravel, I just think there is less time and work involved in blowing, with blowing you don't have to push it out so there is room for the next snow, you only clean i.e. work on the drive area, for me that works. Cubs make great snow blowers by the way and I know plenty of people that use them on gravel driveways.
    Beulah, Michigan


      I have both. Honestly, I think that is the way to go.... but I also have multiple cubs. I have the blade on one right now, and the blower can be put on the other in short order. For wet slushy crap, the blower is limited. For snow at 4" or less the blade works fine. For snow deeper than that, or if it is hard packed "cold" snow, the blower is best. Like Vic said above, after so much snow the blower has a real advantage because you never run out of places to put it. In my opinion, you can never have too many attachments for your tractor. That is my Cub in the header pic up top. I do love that set up when it gets nasty! Vic has an identical set up, only his cab is homemade. You'd never know it, he did a great job!

      Oblong, Illinois

      Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

      I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!


      I started with a snowblower on my 1863. The first snow for the blower was drifted over my shoulders. I clearly needed more weight and some experience with my equipment. Wife was home with our infant child. She would not leave the baby to help move the snow, understandable. I was traction limited and could not back up my down slope driveway. The 200 foot long driveway eventually did get cleared. I used the snowblower for many years until I got a plow.

      In south east Pennsylvania, the snow is generally somewhat wet and not too deep. Plow works perfect if I get to move the snow before it freezes solid. Only once in the last five years did I mount the snowblower. It had rained then sleeted, then froze, then snowed on top of a frozen base. The plow would push the front of the tractor sideways without pushing the snow to the side. Mounted the snowblower, removing the snow with great success.

      My paved driveway is old and somewhat uneven. I have a pine 2x4 mounted on the bottom of the plow to take the wear.


        What Jon said....
        Frederick MD

        Gotta kill it before ya can grill it.... TN


          When I got my current home, I purchased a 125 with a QA-42 with chains. Next year I added weights. BIG difference with weight.

          A couple years later, I got a 122 and mounted the blade to it. I used the blade exactly once . All it did was move the snow off the driveway and where I got the to bottom where it was deeper, it just stopped the tractor. That was with skinnies front and back with wheel weights and chains.

          Now, it's the 125 with loaded 8.50's in the back with V bar chains and tri rib skinnies up front. Since I have two 125's now, one is winter duty and one is summer duty. The winter one has hydraulic lift as seen here. One pass down my driveway. The top could have next to nothing while it'll be over a foot deep at the bottom. It drifts quickly so the blade is worthless on my driveway.

          I have since upgraded to a soft top. Money well spent.

          If you don't have a cab, I highly recommend wearing a full face motorcycle helmet. yes, I am completely serious. You will stay a LOT warmer as your head is covered and the snow just comes right off the face shield.



            A plow is the best way for me to go, I don't have anywhere that drifts, and a narrow frame with weights and chains hasn't skipped a beat for me yet.

            I live pretty close to I-70, rarely get more than 6 inches, and I don't have to clear any drifts, so I have no use for a blower.

            If I lived closer to (or north of) I-80, up in the mountains, or had to clear drifts, a plow would be handy but I wouldn't want to be without a thrower.


              I live 30 miles south of I80, 50-ish miles south of Chicago, have had 2 tractors at the same time, one with blade and one with a blower/ and for me the blower wins, hands down.
              Kankakee IL


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                Do you take the thrower out to clear 2" (or less) of dry, fluffy snow?

                I think if I had both implements mounted to tractors and I wanted to do the best possible job, I'd probably plow the light snow into a single wind row near the ditch, then use the blower/thrower on the last pass and keeping it fed.

              • dodge trucker
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                no, I used to when I was a days, other than the walkway, 2" aint enough to worry about. at one time, I had a 2 cycle push /rubber paddle style snowblower I'd do that light stuff with.....

              I'm partial to my blade and my R-Bucket. But if you have both a blower and a blade and 2 cubs that's a great way to go.
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              haven't needed either yet this year..... have had a couple dustings, I think we had 1-1/2" once but it was gone by nightfall that day, here's hoping the rest of the winter goes this way.
              Kankakee IL