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Busted the snow plow.

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    Busted the snow plow.

    We got an inch and a half of wet snow this morning, and I went out like a kid at Christmas and woke up the neighborhood with the 106 and plow some snow.

    I never had time to take the 8.50 ag treads off in the fall, my driveway and street are all flat, figured I'd give it a try this year since my spare turfs don't hold air and the chains weren't nice to the black top last year anyway. She barely spun them and did a fine job slinging it out of the way in third gear once we were rolling, but wouldn't grab any traction at all pushing the piles in low gear on a clean up pass, so I backed up and got a run at 'em. The hard impact was nice and soft, as the cotter pin broke and the corner of the triangle popped out of the cradle, and my homemade adjustable lift arm twisted like a pretzel.

    With the plow at an extra sharp angle and no longer lifting and only braced on one side, the old girl still did a fine job of finishing the last cleanup pass, before I backed it in the garage, poured a cup of coffee. grabbed a big pry bar, popped it all back together, bent the lift arm back in the vise, and replaced it, all in under 15 minutes while taking my sweet old time.

    Pretty sure if I hit that 2 foot pile of wet and sloppy muck as hard as I did that on a stamped tin box store tractor, I'd be out looking for a new one right now.

    Lol. I think we've probably all smacked something a bit too hard with a snowplow. I know I have!

    Do you have the spring trip released on it? That helps if you don't.
    Oblong, Illinois

    Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

    I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!


      Yeah, seems to me I' been there, done that.
      They were made to be used. But just remember, they, like any other piece of equipment, do have limits.
      They can't all be turn key.
      Make the best of each and every day.
      Original's Start to Finish vid.


        Originally posted by J-Mech View Post
        Do you have the spring trip released on it? That helps if you don't.
        Nope. Last time I used the blade, I was pushing dirt. When I mounted the plow and moved the tractors around, it was starting to rain and a windstorm had just made my portable garage a little more portable than I wanted it to be, so I rushed through it without checking. Then it was the first snow, and I got excited.