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    Snowblower Thoughts

    My 123 has a 42” snowblower that I’ve never used due to some humps on my driveway from rocks coming up through. I need a new driveway before I dare to use it. We got a snowstorm the other day and my B&S two stage really struggled with variously sized chunks of ice. So, I was thinking that the driveshaft on the IH blower. Are they fragile under icy conditions? Can heavy, deep snow like at the end of a driveway break a shaft. Is the shaft better than a chain? I’ve been told they’re hard to find.

    You don't want to feed ice through a snowthrower. The auger is the most likely to be damaged. Second most likely to get damaged are the gears in the gearbox. Those are no longer available and as of yet, I haven't found a new replacement option. The driveshaft is not fragile, and driveshafts are very easy to make or have made. The driveshaft is one of the stronger points on the machine. Still, avoid ice if at all possible.
    Oblong, Illinois

    Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

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