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    Got me a question,,,

    Not sure where to put this, so i just picked a spot.
    I traded my 42in triangle deck for a newer model 48in rounded deck. Yippy!
    But, my mule drive is not for the newer deck.
    Will the correct mule drive "fit" my '75 model 1200?
    The fella I got the deck from has mule's also.
    Need to adjust the clutch, how does one do that? Never had to mess with this before.

    Hello Jay and welcome to ECC!!

    I moved your thread to the proper section.

    I'm not sure which deck you have gotten. There was a 48" triangle deck, but the next series of decks were called the "A" series decks. The next ones after that were the "C" series. Both will fit the 1200, but were only offered in 44" and 50". The series after that was the Cyclops decks which did have a 48" deck, but won't fit the 1200. A picture of your deck or a model number would sure help. My guess is you have a 44" deck.

    The only adjustment on the clutch is on the brake, which also somewhat controls engagement. It is adjusted by using a feeler gauge and either tightening or loosening the four nuts on the brake. I think the procedure is in the Chassis manual which you can download here. Let us know if after reading it you still are having trouble.
    Oblong, Illinois

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      Thank you for moving this. I will get pictures asap. I do know the 3 blades are 15in. each. And gonna check out the clutch adjustment.