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This weeks unexpected haul

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    This weeks unexpected haul

    I just finished up some work on an 1810 for a family friend, and took it back to him. Same guy I got my 125 from last year. He is an older guy, and doesn’t really cut grass anymore, his neighbor uses and maintains his tractors now. The neighbor just bought a new Cub, and they don’t need 3 tractors. When we got to the point that he was ready to pay me, he asked me what I thought their 149 was worth. I told him, and he asked if I would take that as payment. Of course I said yes. While I was loading that up, he went in the garage and came back with a stack of binders, a box of spare parts and a set of wheel weights.

    The tractor needs some work, but overall it’s in good shape. Runs and cuts good. Brand new front tires put on the beginning of the season. A bunch of manuals, sales brochures and receipts, for this, my 125, and his 1810. On top of all this, he also insisted on giving me $20 for gas for picking up and delivering his tractor. I told him the tractor was enough, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Funny thing is, my dad tried to buy this tractor from him years ago, and he wouldn’t sell it at the time.
    06DF6F03-0475-4D17-9285-92AAA3509119.jpeg DBAA2EC3-9870-4DF3-BFE9-E7086ED26CEE.jpeg 860FEEFF-7550-431E-93E4-0EBFE15C1D39.jpeg C3E49864-AF35-44AD-8BA0-D23EE1F9CDFD.jpeg B6B84E23-E618-4FF6-A007-E3F81AFB6A85.jpeg 124E421F-A04E-4D48-A43B-86019D5C4AD9.jpeg
    125, 126, 147, 129, 149 x 2, 1450, 1320, 2135, 2 129’s for parts/project
    3 42” Blades, 4 42” Triangle Decks, 2 44A Decks, 38” LT Deck, 42” Stone Rake, #4 Cart

    You can't pass up deals like that!!! Congratulations Nick!!
    Oblong, Illinois

    Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

    I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!


      That's Great Nick!
      Beulah, Michigan