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    1864 #3

    The 1864 that I purchased a while back, say 2014/15ish has been my primary tractor around the house for the last 4 years or so. Originally it was likely going to be parted, but after keith got it running... on 1 cylinder, I decided to put used plastic, a new head and some extra parts on it that I had lying around. When it first showed up, we did the following.

    New front tire
    New ignition coils
    Bought used plastic and installed
    dual hydraulics to front and back
    Sam braces
    Cat 0 hitch
    wheel weights
    Redone 54" decck
    seat cover
    Changed all fluids and filters

    A few years later I decided to modify the 3pt to make it lift way more. I also installed a 3 way ball valve to allow independent operation of the 3pt hitch and mower deck lift cylinders. The extra weight was more than some of the original equipment was up to which immediately lead to flat tires on the rear end and mangled 3 point arms. The original turf tires were switched out with Firestone 23° ags and 3pt arms were straightened and sold.

    March of 2018 I tore the thing apart when a large amount of hydraulic fluid on the mower deck appeared. This would be my first power steering column rebuild, which proved to be successful. While apart, I replaced the fuel tank bushings, washed it bow to stern with the hotsy, removed the wheel weights, re routed some hydraulic lines from my 3 point mod, and again did a full service front to back. While in the shop I decided to spruce it up a bit by removing the old later style decals and install the earlier decals including new cub cadet badges on the hood. I also purchased a ac spring for the quiet line models to hold the side panels together better. I then waxed it and took a few pictures before putting my 46" high vac deck on and bagger. Took it home to mow the first time that year, then 2 hours later backed into the front end with my 01 powerstroke as my wife looked on in horror. This stunt broke the grille to hell, busted the front cowl and pushed the pto back bending the pulley. Guess I'm not supposed to have nice things right?

    Since then, I have pretty much just used it as is. It developed the click click no start somewhere in the interim which I replaced both the key switch and installed the relay. Last spring it began to take longer to start. After some messing around, cleaning up the carburetor, checking fuel lines etc, I found that merely pouring a bit of gas in the carburetor would allow it to start right away, and it would continue to run fine.

    So now that I have Keith's 782 in my shop tore down once again for hopefully the last ever 3point hitch build, I felt it necessary to give him something to use for snow removal. Here we are back to the 1864. I have had it in the shop again for a month now, with everything I have done and need yet to do, I figure it will be ready to push snow when the grass is green. To date I have done the following.

    Removed mower deck and bagger
    Removed ag tires
    Installed turf tires with bolt on stems
    Loaded tires with ww fluid
    Changed engine oil and filter
    Changed air filters
    Changed fuel filter
    Changed spark plugs
    Changed hydro filter
    Replaced wimpy lawn mower battery with a group 26 Interstate
    Replaced battery terminals
    Moved ground wire from block to starter location
    Removed wheel weights from 1450 and installed on 1864 with studs for easier removal/installation

    I still need to make some wheel spacers, install the blade, replace one of the trip springs, install my hydraulic angle cylinder and hoses I bought last year, build a lift cam extension, build a contoured lift rod, install tire chains, install a new front grille assembly, grease all the zeros, check the hytran level and wash the pig. Again, probably have it ready for warm weather lol.

    Geese, I couldn't even remember all of that, Must see some pics sometime, at least when done.
    Beulah, Michigan


      Its warm weather and I have done squat. Started in on my 601 ford, haven't had much time with planting, work, home and everything else. Some day!


        I'll be watching for it.
        Take care,
        Beulah, Michigan


          Originally posted by Rescue11 View Post
          Its warm weather and I have done squat. Started in on my 601 ford, haven't had much time with planting, work, home and everything else. Some day!
          Boy do I know how that goes!
          Oblong, Illinois

          Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's obsolete!

          I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn....but I have more implements/attachments!


            Originally posted by J-Mech View Post

            Boy do I know how that goes!
            Unfortunately me too! work and just trying to survive have killed all my project time lately!