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Found a 1440!

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    Found a 1440!

    Hello all, it seems like forever since I've done much Cub related stuff, and haven't been on much. However today I made a long haul to go get a 1440 in good cosmetic shape, it does appear to be well used though but for the price I couldn't pass it up.

    I should have pics tomorrow it was dark by the time I got back. I'm pretty anxious about this one.

    I would like to hear some input though on the engine it shows around 760 hrs but it apparently has not worked for some time. The engine does smoke a good bit, but seems strong and sounds fine. Is the 14 hp vanguard worth rebuilding? Or better off to repower? Any particular engine to repower with?

    Thank you all again sorry for the long post.

    760 hours isn’t long enough to wear out the Vanguard. It likely needs head gaskets and the crankcase vent checked out. I doubt it is worn out unless it was severely neglected or abused. If it is worn out a new Vaguard would be a good replacement. Rebuilding the old one may or may not be worth the time/cost. An inspection would determine your options. Too early to make a call.
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