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Repower from KT series to Magnum wiring needs.

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    Repower from KT series to Magnum wiring needs.

    When Replacing a KT series engine with a Magnum series it is a not too complicated repower but there are some special things needed for the wiring. Jon is going to get a diagram drawn up for this topic and he said go ahead and get a topic started, some of you guys on here might have some input on this. I will add pictures when we do the wiring on my repower, but not quite there yet.

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    I'll get to drawing up a diagram as soon as I can. If anyone else wants to jump in, or even draw one up, that is great. I'm pretty tied up for another day or two.
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      When I did my Command repower on my 782 I used an 1811 ignition switch, and then found the wiring diagrams for my 782 (by serial #, as there are 2 or 3 versions), 1811, and Command engine online, and putting the 3 together I was able to figure out what wire needed to be where on the switch, and then modify/fabricate the tractor harness for the Command. Took a little time and thinking but wasn't bad.

      Some guys use a shut off relay on Mag swaps as well, but I am not familiar with that so I can't comment on it.
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