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Cyclops super fender flares

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    Cyclops super fender flares

    Anyone know the story on the super black rear fender flares? Trying to figure out if they were model specific, or later model years, or what machines had them. Ive seen 2182s with and without, 2284s only with, 2086s with, but never on a 2084 or 17,18, or 2082 with them. Spotted a super w/ flares and the air cooled gas engine side panels about 10 miles away sitting out. I'm thinking its a 2284. Anyone have any insight?
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    The fender flares on the SGT's were, according to my literature, were added later in the series to accommodate a rim width change for the SGT rear wheels. (By series I am referring to the 3rd generation of CCC garden tractors, or the "cyclops" series.) The rim was widened to make the tire profile flatter, thus adding width to the wheel, so CCC added the fender flares to help cover the now wider tire. The reason you see some with and some without, has to do with production date and nothing more.
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