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not for sale but mostly free stuff..

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    not for sale but mostly free stuff..


    this site has been sorta dormant lately, maybe this'll wake a few guys up, and get some activity going at the same time// (hey it is winter.... grass ain't growing, leaves are done, still reluctantly waiting for snow) so cmon guys maybe this stuff will jump start someone's winter project!

    come n get it. NOT INTERESTED IN SHIPPING as most are balky, and would cost too much to ship.
    But if it's sorta on my way somewhere Id meet ya in a parking lot somewhere. Roughly between Chicago and Champaign IL.
    I live in a neighborhood, definitely not enough ground for all that I have, I have most stored ~30 miles away at a friend's farm, but I'm tired of living the "obstacle course" life in the garage and shed here at home. I'll never get to all the projects that I have. Everything listed, is here at the house.

    From what I remember, that I haven't touched in a couple of years.... all of it goes. Hopefully all at once.
    --about 3-4 wide frame mule drives as I remember// a couple of them look new and are from newer units as those are white as opposed to yellow.

    --a transaxle EDIT GONE!
    --side curtains and such from an IH snow cab. No roof, no framework, I think the sides are all there but don't remember. Have to dig that back out of the garage attic.
    --most of a K241, basketcase, unassembled condition. By most, I mean except for maybe the coil, etc, I know carb is there but definitely needs an overhaul. Whole engine goes, not parting that out.
    -- 2 sets, rear rims/tires,,,,, one set filled to brim with windshield washer fluid for ballast. Turf tires. 23/12.50-12.
    ---maybe a few other goodies that CRS is allowing me to forget.... no complete tractors.

    --My son does have a 71 with a deck, that he's talked about selling....EDIT... CALL IT SOLD

    OK now. Have to apologize for this part. If you're feeling you have to give me something in return, I'd take; sorry for the green tractor request)
    a nice hood for a Deere LT166 that I'm planning to put a "for Sale" sign on come Spring. I think that's all that I have left to do on that one. Trade the Deere hood, for the whole pile.
    And/or a good bag for a Billy goat KD50 (80s model)
    80s Dodge truck stuff, slant 6 stuff. For this, I'm mostly interested in parts to add AC to a factory non AC truck, maybe a set of nicer than stock rims 15", 5 on 5-1/2" or a Rear slider window, new weatherstripping.

    but if you don't have any of what I have asked for, please, come n get what I have listed anyways.

    I still check in now and again to see what's happening on this site. That'll be a little more often than I have been to see if someone can use what I have. PM me here.
    Kankakee IL

    Very gracious of you to share your project components. Wish we were closer. I could use a spare wide frame mule drive.

    The reality is I have many ongoing none Cub projects thanks to the Honey retiring and bringing home a list for me. I'd rather work on the Cubs or the cars or watch racing on TV.


      Yeah that's part of my problem. Too many irons in the fire. Gotta cut something somewhere. I need to get going on this house.
      Kankakee IL


        cmon guys... NOBODY?
        Kankakee IL


          BUMP you guys all doing the Rip van Winkle thing thru the winter?
          Kankakee IL