Ad Policies

*A price. This is not an auction site. Clearly list the price. "OBO" may be listed if price is negotiable. Just to be clear, OBO means a price may be accepted that is LESS than the advertised price.
*If you want to trade, that is fine. State the price, then say "Or trade for XXXX".
*A detailed description of the item. Pictures are not required, but strongly suggested and preferred.
*Location of the item. City and State. This is so the potential buyer knows how far they are from the item. Exact address is not necessary.
*All sellers must be 18 years of age. By posting an item for sale, the member acknowledges they are at least 18 years of age.
*All items for sale must be Cub Cadet related. Other brand attachments are welcome as long as they are Allied equipment. (Allied meaning they will attach and work on a Cub Cadet machine.) Anything other than this type of item will be deleted. If you have a question as to whether your item is an Allied attachment, feel free to contact me or any member of the admin team.
*Note whether you are willing to ship, or if the item is "pick up only".
*No discussions in this section. All discussion may be deleted, moved, or cause the ad to be closed.
*All ads run for 30 days, then they will be deleted. You may re-post an item (after the 30 day run and it has been deleted). If for some reason your ad gets deleted in under 30 days, unless told otherwise, you may re-post it.
*You must post a preferred method for a potential buyer to contact you. For example: Private message, an email address, or phone number as you see fit.
*DO NOT respond to an ad by making a post in the ad thread. If you are interested, contact the seller via the preferred method of contact. You may post stating that you sent communication. Example: PM Sent!
*No commercial or business listings. This section is intended to be used for personal and private sales only.
*This sections rules may be amended or changed at any time without prior notice.
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Parts by Jeff--Sleeve hitch adapters, PTO buttons, driveline and custom parts